About Us

Can you get any luckier then when your business is your passion? When it allows you the freedom to be creative, flexible and work with family? Well that is just how lucky we are. How did we get that lucky you ask? As the story goes...

Several years ago my husband Cary and I owned four brick and mortar children’s stores. We were always on the look out for that something special to set us apart. In 2004 we stumbled upon a unique lighting line called Jubilee and brought it into our stores. We covered our ceilings with chandeliers and filled our windows with lamps. We can truly say it set us apart. After personally experiencing the demand for children’s lighting and a significant increase in sales we purchased Jubilee and made it our own. 

We’ve expanded the line with accessories and are continually adding new lighting designs. Seeing the smile on customers faces when they first discover us is a reminder of the beginning. Knowing we are the perfect addition to a special room is why we do it. Enjoy……we do!